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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

Realise the potential of our minds. Most of our minds have been negatively conditioned by society, friends and family.
Release yourself from negative conditioning.
Open yourself to imagination.
Focus on positive conditioning.
Surround yourself with positive images, positive people and positive thoughts.

Open the path to the subconscious mind and access the natural energies... and open yourself to improved health, attitude, intelligence, awareness, self-confidence, mental ability, and complete well being.

Imagination creates pathways to reality...
Before the first plane flew... someone imagined flying
Before the body is healed... someone imagines the healing
Before the solution... someone imagines solving
Believe the pathway exists, and the mind's design follows the path to reality.

Believe and imagine in the present... and reality conforms
If you dwell on what you do NOT have... or
on what you believe you cannot do... you are imagining and actively pushing this belief into your future by dwelling on it as real in the now.
Visualize success in your imagination...
Visualize your goal having already been achieved...
Believe your dreams are possible...
With that belief, the pathways are open...


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