Towards a Theory of the Future


Metaphysics can be subdivided into ontology, the theory of phenomenon in the world(e.g. time, space, matter, process, cause and effect, system), cosmology, the theory describing the origin and nature of the universe, and epistemology, the study of theories of knowledge or ways of knowing.

What is a metaphysician?
Metaphysics means "beyond the physical." A metaphysician is a person whose focus is spiritual and philosophical, but includes a perspective grounded in physical reality.

The Philosophy of Metaphysics
The metaphysical way of thinking encourages people to consider possibilities that may function outside the realm of conventional avenues of thought and experience. The very word, metaphysics, means after or beyond the things we see, hear, touch, smell and taste. The fact that there is existence beyond time and space does not mean that it is supernatural.

Although there are many things that occur that have the appearance of being supernatural, all things are based on natural law. Metaphysics is merely a word describing the pursuit of the knowledge of things that function in and out of this time-space dimension. If a person believes in the existence of "spiritual" things, including intuition for example, metaphysics has already become a part of their thought process.

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