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Lottery Numbers - are they Random?

Have we been conditioned by the definition of the word "random"? It is easy to accept the concept when events appear to be mathematically unpredictable.

The chart below shows the weekly(Saturday night) draw of the Number 10 in the Australian Tattslotto Lottery from July 1985 to July 2005. Two "cycle analysis" routines were performed on the data... one using traditional spectral analysis(fourier) and one using a "real-cycle" extraction module.

Larger version of Chart.
(click on chart to see a larger version}

The results of the cycle analyses are somewhat self-explanatory... showing the 66.4 week cycle produced by fourier spectral analysis and the 66 week cycle produced by the "real-cycle" module. It can be seen graphically that the 66 week cycle for this lottery number shows a high level of significance... though "mathematical skeptics" would no doubt point out the times when the "cycles" invert or move out-of-phase with the actual data. A greater understanding of cycle mechanics is required!

Each number in a lottery draw resonates to it's own "cycles" over time... similar to stocks and commodities which each exhibit their own individual cyclic behaviour. This is "work in progress"... so more work needs to be performed to fine-tune the predictability of each number... but "the glass is half full... rather than half empty"!



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