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Harmonics & Geometry

It can be said that geometry is frozen music...
and conversely music is geometry in motion...

Music of the spheres... Kepler

Some music we like, or resonate with...

Similarly geometry, shapes and colours...
either resonate, or fail to resonate with us.

Beautiful geometry is like a moment in time of a beautiful symphony....
and the vibrations of this beauty resonate around the moment, or the image...

Mandalas are examples of beautiful geometry which resonate with our being... raising our spiritual vibration towards the light.


Natural harmonic geometry revealed in the sand on a vibrating plate...

Everything responds, in its own way, to the vibrations it experiences.
If a thin plate covered with grains of sand is set vibrating with a violin bow, then a geometric pattern is revealed in the sand representing the natural harmonics of the plate (see image to the left).
It's like a moment in time in the "life of the plate" has been captured by the sand grains.

The extent to which the nature of vibration permeates everything and everybody in the universe is not yet fully realised... It has been the nature of humans throughout history to disbelieve it, unless one can see or measure or prove it (whatever it may be!). Radio waves have permeated the universe since the beginning of time... and how long has it been since we could detect them? Who would have even thought of vibrations like "radio waves" before radio?! Believe me... there are vibrations in the universe most of us have not even thought of measuring.
Some vibrations may be so subtle... but influence our existence so profoundly!

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

William Shakespeare


For millennia... life cycles have been linked, often controversially, to the movement of the planets against the blanket of stars in our skies. Maybe one day soon we will become more aware of the resonant influence of the planets and the universe beyond?


Ptolemaic Aspects and Consonances  Harmonica trans. 1562  p144

Ptolemaic Aspects and Consonances
Harmonica trans. 1562 p144
Linear representation of
Ptolemaic Aspect Vibrations:
180-opposition, 120-trine, 90-square




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