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We are as much influenced by the cycles that pervade the universe tides resonate to the influence of planetary bodies, and as a violin string vibrates to its natural harmonics.

My cycle research has covered many areas including "standard" mathematical analysis techniques, astronomy/astrology (planetary cycles), geometry and harmonics in nature, numerical sequences/progressions, synchronicity, musical structure, and of course the work of W.D. Gann in relation to stock market prediction. Of the work of others I have studied in my search, the astrological work of Jack Gillen has certainly been a unique inspiration.

Effective research requires a measured balance of logic and open-mindedness. An important quality of all research work, I believe, is an ability to focus on the total picture, while inquiring into each facet of the research, so that the ultimate findings of the research become an integral part of the universal picture. "The answer" I am seeking will apply to economic behaviour and also to all other quantifiable cyclic behaviours...a Universal Theory of Vibration.

My recent research work into Cycles of Lottery Numbers has confirmed my belief that they are NOT random!!!
Randomness, in the traditional sense, could be defined as individual events that are not predictable. Has anyone looked close enough... and with an open mind?

Can Cycle Analysis be used to forecast stocks/commodities? ...Have a look at this site to view probable future trends of selected commodites: Cycle-Research


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