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Cycle Links

"Super-Physics" ...The Key to Combining Physics and Metaphysics
Space and Motion Wave Structure of Matter (and the Universe)... Beautifully thought provoking
The Quantum Universe Wave Structure of Matter (and the Universe)...Einstein would be Proud!

Cycle Research
Cycle Research Institute
Foundation for the Study of Cycles
Ray Tomes -Cycles in the Universe
Cycle-Research -Cycle Projections -Blog (New Link)

Life on Earth
Pattern's in Life 7-year, month and day cycles -forecasting Life's Turning Points
Earth Resonance Excellent information and links

Astro - Market
The 56Year Cycle Research on the 56 year cycle of Financial Panics by David McMinn
Astro Index applied to market prediction... and weather, war, earthquakes etc.
Astroeconomics Financial Astrology and Tech Analysis Maths and Geometry
Star IQ ...includes Weekly Market astro-analysis plus lots more info.

Astro -Excellent place to start... news, science and entertainment
ASSA Astronomy Links ...Astronomy Society of South Aust. -Excellent Links

SPARC -Space Physics and Aeronomy Research ...Educational Info. -Excellent
Solar System Simulator NASA -JPL
Solar System Live -Excellent and simple
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive -The Best souce of images with explanation
The Nine Planets -Extensive Tour of the Solar System
The Cyclicity of Sunspots -Relating Planet and Sunspot cycles

Astrology -Matrix
-Excellent Astrology Site
Astro Time Patterns ...what is Astrology & how does it work?
SolarGeometry ...Unique analysis of the Geometry of the Solar System -Excellent
Spira Solaris Archytas-Mirabilis -Excellent discourses on Planetary Mathematics
Lunar Cycle -a short note
Will's Natural Radio Page -Music of the spheres -the frequencies that surround us...

Geometry and Numbers -Phi, Fibonacci... Excellent site by G. Meisner
SolarGeometry ...Unique analysis of the Geometry of the Solar System
Ermanometry ...Geometry in the Stock Market
Sacred Geometry -Ratios, shapes, geometry
SpaceMagic -Numerology
Fibonacci Numbers & Nature
Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden section and the Golden String
Aerodynamic Investments Inc -Fibonacci and Gann Resources for Traders

W.D. Gann - Lambert-Gann Publishing
Lambert-Gann Educators, Inc -"...from the original works of W.D. Gann"
GannTrading -Gann Trading Course and Software
SacredScience -Wide range of Gann Resources
Solar Matrix -Gann Products and explanations
Gann Management Ltd
Gann Forecaster, W. D. GANN's Trading Techniques

Ancient Knowledge
History of Mathematics - Ancient Geometry
The Great Pyramid Website, Timescale
The Maya Astronomy Page Maths, Astronomy, Links...

Data and Charts and Education
Premium Data End of day data vendor for Stocks, Futures and Forex (New Link)
FutureSource -delayed intraday and longterm futures charts
DownloadQuotes -interactive charts for all major stock exhanges... free membership
IncredibleCharts -EXCELLENT Online charting and the Educational Resource
CME Barcharts -charts on all CME futures contracts
Prophet - Charts, Updates, and Investment Discussion for Trading Smarter

GrainMarketResearch -downloadable historical futures data (for a fee)
S&P500-NASDAQ100 Futures -downloadable historical intraday data... excellent source
HQuotes-YQuotes -program for downloading free Yahoo Finance Data
Global Financial Data Foreign Daily Stock Market Indices
Time Series Data Library source of a WIDE & LARGE range of data ( analyse?)
Tradetrek Education -explanations of charting, technicals, trading strategies, A.I. etc...
ADEST -Traders Resources including ASX and SFE End-of-Day data

ASTROLABE_ AstroAnalyst Excellent Planetary correlation Software
Bradley Model Bradley Model Software... only thru PO Box!
Cycletrader -by Bryce Gilmore
Wavetrader -by Bryce Gilmore
CycleTrends -Cycle Analysis for Financial Markets
Murrey Math
TechSignal -Cycle Analysis (The Foundation for the Study of Cycles)
Time Cycles Time Cycle Research -Astrological software for the Mac
...Excellent Astrological & Astronomical software
Astrology Software by Cosmic Patterns Kepler software... and services


Bonnie's Links - an excellent range of specialised financial links (Cycles, Astro-, WD Gann...)
SMOTASS -Extensive Futures and Trading Links
Astrikos -Traders Links
Ray Tomes' Cycle Links

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