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Behavioural Cycles

Cycles are things that happen to the economy, or to the weather...not you? Why not try an experiment could reveal some cycles in your life!

  • All you should do is jot down, in a diary-notebook, any significant and/or unusual events that happen to you each day. (They can even be trivial, as long as they are characteristically identifiable.)

  • Try it for a few months and you'll find that events do repeat themselves. The "events" will be, of course, slightly different each time, but will have very similar characteristics. The easiest cycle time to observe is the Lunar Cycle (approx. 28 days).

The personnal Lunar Cycle, based on the natal Sun-Moon angle, is explained more extensively by S. Williams

As you become more observant of the events around you, you will also notice clustering of similar events (we often call them coincidences) and you may even notice that "things happen in threes" to such a degree that it becomes uncanny.

"So what?" you ask!
Until you begin to believe that cyclic events or behaviour can happen in your everyday life, why even begin to believe that they happen to anyone or anything else?

A Bonus for those who try the Experiment!
If you find events around you do repeat themselves, then use this to your advantage!
How?...just by being prepared from the experience of the "first" event!
An example would be, say, solving a tricky computer problem. Once you've solved it the first time it happens, write down the procedure in your diary. It will most likely occur in a similar manner at a later date (approx. 28 days?) will be prepared and it will save you time!
Of course the "events" will eventually change in nature after a number of cycles due to the effect of larger cycles.

The above concepts may appear trivial compared to that of predicting the economy, but personal experience is the best teacher...if you experience it, the fascination will unfold.


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